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PSE series


Paragon water softener has the unique self-maintenance function,it can timed restore the whole system soft water treatment efficiency,so it has the long term and stable softening function,no need change filter media often.It greatly reduced the running cost. According the customer's different requirements,we can make the system by parallel-series or series connection,which an increase the produced water capacity,or further improve water quality.


· Application Range: Widely used for villas,apartments,universities,beauty parlors,washing room where reguire the water quality more than municipal water.

· Produce level: Certified by environmental hygiene testing of Chinese academy of preventive medicine.

· Product feature:

1,Effectively removes calcium and magnesium ions ,algae and solid suspended substances etc,to make the water soft and clear after filtration.

2, Uses Amercian automatic valve which is safe,efficient and energy saving.

3,The unique automatic maintenance function can automatically restore softening function of the whole system.It can keep the water pressure the same before and after treated,also ensures stable flow rate.

4,Full range of models,whatever your apartment is like,there is a model for you.







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