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POE/Whole house water filter


It is installed in the main water inlet pipe, selects KDF and coconut shell activated carbon filter materials, and adopts American automatic controller, which can absorb chlorine harmful to human health in tap water and harmful substances such as heavy metals, organic pollutants, different colors and peculiar smell in water, so as to improve water quality.


· Superior quality

1,Precise manufacturing methods,strict compliance with quality control procedures,ensure compliance with industry standards.

2,According to Paragon strict quality standard to design.

· Easy to installLowest maintenance free

1,The pressure tanl is light and easy to install.

2,The tank does not need to be painted or coated with epoxy.


· Corrosion protection

1,Pressure tank is made of high performance composite and resin fibers.

2,Pressure tank is corrosion resistant and provide reliable service.





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