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Paragon water system is a famous water purification system manufacturer. We founded in Florida, USA in 1988 and opened up the Chinese market in 2002. After 33 years of rapid development, today's Paragon has established a global sales network with reliable product quality and after-sales service commitment. As one of the advocators of water purification industry, Paragon has rich water purification experience and productivity, aiming to provide healthier, safer and affordable water purification solutions for every user. Our whole house water filter system, including the central water purifier, central water softener, pre-filter and POU water filter, can fully meet the needs of engineering customers and household users. Today, the products of Paragon have been exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions, deeply loved and trusted by users. We are members of the NSF advisory board and we manufacture a complete line of NSF certified water filtration products. We market them under our brand names at retail as well as to other companies and private labels as an OEM. We are the supplier of choice for many well recognized American brand names.


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