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Expo 2010 : Italian Pavilion



The Italian Pavilion restaurant has two kitchens. Pw-1.5-150 central water purifier is configured in the big kitchen. This water purifier adopts kdf55, coconut shell activated carbon filter material and full-automatic control valve. It has strong water treatment capacity, stable performance of the whole configuration, convenient and simple operation and more safety.

Since small kitchen has coffee machine and ice cream machine, it has high requirements for water quality. Therefore, a PW-1.2-120 central water purifier, a set of special tea and meal unit and a 20 inch resin softening filter are adopted. After PW-1.2-120, tap water is divided into three routes: one is ordinary kitchen water. The second route is connected to the coffee machine after reducing the water hardness through resin softening filter and ion exchange, so as to improve the taste of coffee and protect the coffee machine equipment. Third route leads to the ice cream machine. Because the direction of the water pipe cannot be changed, the installation space is small and there is no sewage outlet, a special machine for tea and meal is configured. The tap water first passes through the three-level pre filtration and the ultraviolet sterilization system with a long life of 5000 hours, then passes through the five-level fine filtration, and finally enters the ice cream machine, This water quality has fully met the production requirements of ice cream.