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Central Pre-filter normally installed at the front-end of the house water pipe,mainly to remove the sands,gravels,debris,rusts and other sediments,etc,avoid the damage of human body and skin;also protect the down-steam pipe,water filter,water heater,washing machine and high standard faucet,shower filters etc.


· Auto back wash at any time(7-45 days backwash periodic setting),with the power adapter

· Using the pressure button to control the water pressure,reduce pressure,stable pressure,high pressure water cut off protection function

· The first pre-installed pressure stabilizing valve,protect the housing and water machine in house,safe and reliable

· Accurate water pressure meter,real-time monitoring of water pressure,safe using water

· Standard offer 1” to 3/4” connector,can also choose 1/2” connector,humanized equipment

· Offering reusable,longer life “plastic king”PTFE gasket

· Imported no replacement medical grade SUS316L stainless steel,extremely resistant to corrosion and never rust

· High precision 40-50um,70-90um filter mesh selectable

· Standard 58 copper,high precision red stamping and independent finishing process

· Import PC material,Unique modified secret formula bottle blasting pressure over 65kg

· Unique modified housing 12kg tighten water hammer test 150000 times,professional

· Luxury dazzle color splash-proof cover,free installation plug-in sewage outlet

· Snap button,which can swith modules at any time




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