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The water purification shower with filter element can effectively filter the residual chlorine and impurities in the water and give the skin a better experience


Installation instructions:

1. Remove existing shower hose from shower pipe.

2. Install new hose that comes with the shower filter onto the pipe. Run water through the hose to flush out any impurities inside the hose.

3. Install the shower filter onto the new shower hose. Using the rubber washers and Teflon tape to create a tight seal.

4. Turn on the faucet and allow water to flow for a minute to wash away any unsettled filter medium inside the cartridge and flush it through.

Usage Instructions: 

1. The shower filter will only work with the filter installed. The total water treatment capacity is approximately 38,000 litres, depending upon the water quality in your area. Please replace the filter cartridge within 12 months or 38,000 litres – depending upon which comes first.

To back flush the cartridge, once every 2 weeks – remove the cartridge from the shower head. Shake the cartridge and run it under some water. Install the shower filter in the opposite direction as you took it out.

2. To change the flow – spin the face of the shower head, this will adjust the flow of the water coming out of the shower head.

Replacing the Cartridge:

1. Spin the ribbed side panel of the shower head until the face comes off.

2. Remove the shower filter cartridge and replace with a new cartridge.

3. Put the face of the shower filter on as you had removed it.





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