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As a water purifier installed under the kitchen basin, it has excellent performance. The water purification effect is good and maintenance free. It is the first choice for economy and practicality


· High-tech product: American patented high-tech KDF55 media; effectively removes heavy metal, chlorine, sulfuretted hydrogen, controls bacteria and scale.

· Large capacity: 75 tons (20,000 gallons); equivalent of 4,000 barrels of bottled water.

· Maintenance Free: No cartridge to change; not electricity needed for the life of the filter; absolutely maintenance free; prevent second contamination.

· Under Counter: World fashion, small size and nice design.

· Good Service: Free on-site installation by professionals; with satisfactory after sales services.

· Investment and Return: One-off investment, high quality benefits.

· Applicable range: Guest rooms in hotels, kitchen in families.



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