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Ultrafiltration water purifier with better performance. After multiple filtration, it can effectively filter out large particle impurities such as sediment and rust, heterochromatic odor, microorganisms, organic matter and some bacteria.


· The water filter firstly use the two stages,then high efficient ultra-filtration,remove sediments,rust and dirt etc,all kinds of chlorine odor,reduce the organic pollutant,remove the total Escherichia coli group and othe harmful substances in water

· Take use of the hollo fiber menbrande technology;offer the larger pure water flow rate

· Isatall easy,just use the common install tools,and usually install it under sink with the separate faucet

· Built-in Shut off Valve,replaces filers without tuming off cold water line

· Paragon PW1250UF water purification system design excellent,superior performance,no need tank,no waste water




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